Your hard work literally builds our communities from the ground up; but YOU DON’T MATTER to some people.

They aren't household names, but billionaires like the oil tycoon Koch Brothers spend millions on political front groups like Americans for Prosperity, The Heritage Foundation, ALEC and the CATO Institute to silence your voices, threaten your jobs and reduce your quality of life. And they’re among the most aggressive proponents of outsourcing American jobs, all so that billionaires and CEO’s can pocket more profits.

Maybe you would agree with them – if you were a billionaire too. But we think their agenda is pretty scary.

  • They funded opposition to a national transportation bill that some estimates say could create 2.9 million jobs.
  • They’ve pushed a RTW law that could cut your wages by $1,500 and eliminate as many as 3.8 million pensions.

They’re not just fighting to cut your pay and put your jobs at risk. They’re also working to make your worksites less safe, and even pry into your private medical records to deny benefits when you’re hurt on the job.

  • They funded a state by state effort to let employers access to your private medical records in cases where you have been injured on the job.
  • They’re working to take away overtime pay, worker training and prevailing wage protections for workers.

They can be so brazen about their agenda because they don’t believe you have a plan to fight back.

They are betting millions that YOU DON’T MATTER. But you can fight back.

Learn more, stay informed, get active!!!

Do nothing and they win. Or you can join with real patriots and stop Americans for Prosperity and their right wing agenda.

Learn more. Tell your friends. Sign the petition.