Your job is running into danger, while helping others. You are true American heroes, but YOU DON’T MATTER to some people!

They aren't household names, but billionaires like the oil tycoon Koch Brothers and their dozens of political front groups are spending millions of dollars to take away your jobs, your rights and your safety.

  • Through Americans for Prosperity and ALEC, they’ve fought to shift billions of dollars out of public safety and into special interest tax breaks and giveaways. They want to cut YOUR JOBS, and don’t mind if it makes us all less safe.
  • They’ve led the fight for risky schemes to privatize fire departments across the nation. In their rush to wring “profits” out of public safety, they don’t care what the consequences are to brave firefighters and the families they protect.

They’re not just fighting to cut your pay and put your jobs at risk. They’re also working to make your jobs less safe, and even pry into your private medical records to deny benefits when you’re hurt on the job.

  • They funded a state by state effort to let employers access your private medical records in cases where you have been injured on the job.
  • Across the country, they’ve authored special interest legislation that takes away Firefighters’ right to bargain for safe staffing levels and much needed equipment. They want to silence the voices of all of you who protect our families.

Why are they so brazen about taking on firefighters? Because they have money, and they have a plan to make their voices heard, BUT NOT YOURS.

They have a plan. Do you?

Read more, stay informed, and get active.

Do nothing and they win. Or you can join with real patriots and stop Americans for Prosperity and their right wing agenda.

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