You defend freedom under our flag, but to them…YOU DON’T MATTER.

Our nation owes you a debt of gratitude. But to a group of billionaire special interests, veterans are pushed aside in the race for more corporate profits.

The billionaire oil tycoon Koch Brothers and other wealthy special interests are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on elections, lobbying and public relations to expand their profits and their power at the expense of American heroes.

They utilized their massive fortunes in backing an $11 BILLION cut from veterans services, so they could protect their tax breaks and corporate welfare.

What does all of that mean to American veterans?

  • Cuts in higher education like the G.I. Bill.
  • $23 Million in cuts to job training and employment programs for veterans.

And they’re not just going after your future job options. They want to roll back your health care as well.

  • The Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity fought for a budget that was estimated to cut billions from veterans’ health care.
  • And they even fought to eliminate $6.8 million dedicated to helping homeless veterans get back on their feet.

To billionaires like the Koch Brothers, and their special interest front groups like Americans for Prosperity, American patriots are just another obstacle to them raking in more tax breaks and special interest giveaways.

You don’t matter to them. And they hope you’ll just sit back and take it.

They have a plan. But their plan only works if American heroes like you stay quiet.

You can stand up with real American patriots. Take action, and tell the Koch Brothers that our brave men and women are more important than their next billion dollar tax giveaway.

Do nothing and they win. Or you can join with real patriots and stop Americans for Prosperity and their right wing agenda.

Learn more. Tell your friends. Sign the petition.